Woman Rightfully Upset At A Restoration Company For Moving Her Car Without Her Acknowledgement Gets Interrupted By A Karen!

Backstory: I just moved into a new condo 2 weeks ago. @CaseRestorationCo is here doing construction work. The other day I walked outside and realized my car wasn’t where I parked it. It had been moved 10 parking spots down and had yellow scratches on the front bumper.

Bob Armstrong, Site Supervisor, left his card on my window. I noticed a CASE truck with a man in it so I asked him if he moved my car. He said yes and that it shouldn’t have been in their way.
There were no signs saying I couldn’t park in that spot. He told me Cason Hayes was his boss and to call and talk to him.
When I called CASE, Dalia Chadwick, Operations Manager, answered. I explained to her what happened and she denied that her employee moved or damaged my car although Bob is on video saying he moved my car. Dalia wouldn’t let me speak with a supervisor but allowed me to leave a message. This video is the 2nd time I spoke with Bob about the damages to my vehicle.

An older white female resident then approached us and said she was going to get her gun for me. She then proceeded to go to the trunk of her car. I later found out her name is Alicia Eldridge, she is not a police officer, and she works for TSA. I had 4 of my nieces with me, ages 4, 5, 5, and 8. They were terrified. Bob seemed happy that the woman threatened me with a gun.
We then left to go to the store and bank. When we came back, an hour or so later, my front door was open and there were 2 men who work for CASE Restoration inside of my home.
I immediately called the police and contacted my Realator. I told her what I experienced and that 1 hour after I spoke with Bob about the damage to my car he sent 2 men into my home without my knowledge.
My realator was shocked. She told me that if a CASE employee needed to access my unit for a legitimate reason, they are supposed to contact her and she would notify me. Bob nor anyone else employed by Case contacted my Realtor to get access.

Boycott @CaseRestorationCo & contact @TSA @ 615-354-6740 to let them know Alicia Eldridge needs to be terminated immediately. There is currently a warrant out for her arrest for the Impersonation of a Law Enforcement Officer.

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Uploaded on July 11th, 2020
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