SMH: Her Own Sister Did This To Her Place After She Told Her She Had To Move Out!

Back Story: Posting this cause I work hard for everything I have. My very own blood did this to me cause I told her she gotta leave. This all started with her using my car for the day. She was supposed to pick me up for work but never did so I had to find me a ride home 30 minutes after we were all supposed to be gone. I get home and I’m banging on my own door to get inside. My oldest nephew opens the door so I get inside to see my two nephews inside alone. My sister makes it back with my car and I get in it to discover that it has no gas in it. I gave her my car on F and I received it on E. I told her she needs to fill my tank up to which she responded I got her fucked up I shouldn’t have been rushing her so I tell her if you don’t you gotta leave cause you doing the absolute most. She gets upset and wanna fight so at this point of over it. I leave and this is how I found my home. I tell her she going to jail now the reason she did this is because I beat my nephew with a phone cord which is most definitely not true. I’d never hit my nephew to hurt him. So Na that’s not gonna fly with me. A lot of people in the comments think I posted this for sympathy, not true. I posted this for the people who knows me and precious personally and to clear up some shit since she took it to the media tryna get brownie point off of fucking my apartment up. A lot of people don’t know the full story and that’s fine but don’t come in my comments thinking I’m doing shit for sympathy cause baby Na. Yes I made a police report. I have a restraining order against her too. She watching my house making threats to her little sister. She actually saying she gonna kill me this that all because she had to leave. Calling my phone private all the time it’s annoying that I actually even have to type all this but ima clear it up for y’all since some people genuinely wanna know wtf going on. I changed who can comment because it has a lot of people telling me I lying. Saying I didn’t have shit so I’m exaggerating and much more. Baby I am 20 years old and I worked for everything in that place and fuck whoever else feel that way. Posted by Tado

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Uploaded on October 16th, 2020
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