Smdh: Dude With No Weapon Gets Shot And Paralyzed By Cops Over Less Than Eight Ounces Of Weed!

Julian Betton counts at least nine bullet hole wounds on his body. He doesn’t remember being shot by three officers nor them entering his Withers Swash Drive apartment in April. He said on Friday that he remembers going to the bathroom , seeing figures in the hallway coming at him and then waking up from a coma six weeks later and paralyzed in the hospital with a police officer at his bedside. The three officers are with the 15 Circuit Drug Enforcement Unit. They have been cleared of any charges by the State Law Enforcement Division. The SLED report states Betton did not fire at the officers. The shooting happened in the execution of a warrant stemming from a marijuana investigation. Officers seized less than eight ounces of marijuana, $970 in cash, an assault rifle and a handgun in the April 16 incident. Betton has been charged with three counts of possession with intent to distribute but he has not been charged with weapons violations.-The Sun News

Uploaded on July 14th, 2015
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