She Was Broke, But Now She Work With Celebs Like Kanye West!

Introducing the ‘Queen of Snapchat’. That’s the title YesJulz was handed by The New York Times for her star power on the platform. Julz was flown by some of the biggest brands to the hottest parties around the world, and has since put on over 2,000 events of her own in over 10 countries. There’s many strings to her bow and Julz can include entrepreneur, talent manager, global influencer, and philanthropist on her resume. Julz told Truly that she is “The ultimate hype woman in Miami!” Julz has worked with some of the biggest names in music, culture and sport from Kanye West and Whiz Khalifa to Lebron James, yet she is so much more than just the middle woman. Hugely successful in her own right – Julz recently launched her own Juice company Yes Juice and fronts an all-female marketing agency 1AM Creative.

Uploaded on July 23rd, 2021
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