She Moved To The US With $3K & Now She’s A Millionaire!

Self-proclaimed ‘Queen of Hollywood’ Marcela Iglesias moved to the US at the age of 22 with only $3,000 to her name – but now lives in a $2m mansion in LA’s Agoura Hills with her own fleet of luxury cars, including a $225,000 McClaren 570s. Marcela and her husband Steve are now worth $15m thanks to their real estate and stock market investments, while the pair also trade in cryptocurrency. However, Marcela has made a name for herself globally as the ‘human Barbie’ and creator of the ‘Plastics of Hollywood,’ a lifestyle brand for those who are proud of their surgical transformations. In this episode, Marcela gives us a luxury house tour, introduces us to her pet pigs, gets an exciting (and expensive!) delivery and then heads out for her favourite form of cardio – shopping!

Uploaded on November 13th, 2021
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