Plastic Surgery Mom Has A Makeunder & She Hates It!

ELAINA Starr 32, from Queens New York is not your average all-American mom. She has spent $170,000 on 11 major plastic surgeries and over 500 procedures to transform her body. Her more extreme surgeries have included three Brazilian butt lifts, two tummy tucks and a corseting procedure. Going under the knife has led to dramatic medical complications, recently she contracted sepsis, and has previously almost bled to death in ER. In this episode of Transformed Elaina is turned from her usual “very glam, and sparkly” look to a much more dowdy version of herself. “I think style-wise a lot of moms dress for comfort,” Elaina said. “It’s easy for them to wear baggy clothes and just throw on whatever.” How will her son react to seeing his mom looking ‘average’ for the first time?

Uploaded on June 9th, 2021
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