Man tries tossing Molotov cocktail through window and fails…five time!

Five times!!…. an embarrassing video from a security camera has been released by Philadelphia police that shows the dud man’s multiple attempts to ignite the apartment on North Frankford Avenue about 2.10am on January 9. At first he doesn’t expect his task to be so hard – he lights the Molotov cocktail and tosses it towards the window before frantically skipping away from the footpath as he expects the home to catch on fire.

Instead the makeshift bomb rebounds and extinguishes as it lands on the pavement. Sheepishly, the would-be arsonist returns and, like a trooper, continues to try. Sadly, the throws get weaker and more desperate. Police hope to track down the man, who managed to break the window of the target apartment with one of his throws, the New York Daily News reported. “Hopefully someone from the neighbourhood will recognize this guy and give us a call so we can get him off the street,” Philadelphia Police Lieutenant John Stanford said.

Uploaded on January 15th, 2014
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