Karen Has Black Family Thrown Out Of Seaworld!

So we are in Orlando Florida at @seaworldorlando and we paid over $500 to enter the park we came to the park with children ages 2,3&5 they wanted to see a 1:10 dolphin show so we take the girls to see the show BUT MISS ANGELA MCDOWELL Here didn’t want the children standing near her The children went to stand beside her so they can see the show SHE MOVES CLOSER IN CAUSING HER TO BUMP THE CHILDREN BECAUSE SHE DIDNT WANT THEM BESIDE HER , then ANGELA Proceeds to pull her IPHONE OUT & pretend she’s taking pictures or the dolpins but Flips her camera to take a picture of US & THE CHILDREN which is illegal because we DID NOT Give her CONSENT She gets upset because she GOT Caught SHE THEN PROCEEDS TO CALL THE POLICE she explains to the POLICE THAT 2 BLACK WOMENS & JUVENILES!!!! JUVENILES EVERYONE be mindful that the children are 2,3,5 THEN Park security comes to put us out THEY WERE VERY RUDE they explained that we have to leave the park because of the disturbance WE CANNOT GET OUR REFUNDS we explained to the security the situation they said SHE CAN TAKE PICTURES OF US BECAUSE THE PARK IS PRIVATE PROPERTY , I didn’t catch a video of park police but they threatened to arrest us AFTER WE TOOK THEIR PICTURES BUT TOLD US THAT THE WHITE WOMAN COULD TAKE PHOTOS OF US BUT WE COULDNT DO IT TO THEM I believe he called it a pf3 ONE OF THE PARK POLICE WAS A BLACK MAN !!!!!!!!!!! THEY SCARED THE CHILDREN & MADE THEM VERY UNCOMFORTABLE & AFRAID WE HAD TO EVACUATE THE PREMISES THE “ADULTS & THE JUVENILES “ BUT MISS ANGELA MCDOWELL WAS ABLE TO STAY INSIDE THE PARK, this was our first time at @seaworldorlando we literally only had been inside of the park for about 2 hours and we are very disappointed in this matter THIS SHIT IS GETTING OUT OF HAND! THEY ARE REFUSING TO REFUND US

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Uploaded on July 2nd, 2020
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