Inside Tiger Woods’ $41 Million Mansion!

Tiger Woods has a net worth of about $800 million, so it’s no surprise he has such an amazing real estate portfolio. Woods has a stunning mansion in Florida that’s worth about $57 million. The amazing property has a world-class gym, two swimming pools, a running track, a tennis court, a basketball court, and a four-hole golf course. Tiger can drive balls from the second storey of his golf studio right onto the green of his backyard golf course. Tiger’s Jupiter Island mansion is right by the ocean. A small private beach and dock sit right behind the property. This is where Tiger keeps his $20 million yacht called Privacy. Tiger’s mansion consists of two main buildings – a 3,300 sq.-ft. living area and a 6,400 sq.-ft. multipurpose building. These buildings are connected via a glass-covered walkway and a series of underground tunnels. A promenade with Elegant palm trees and rare flowers sits between both buildings. The entire estate is surrounded by palm trees and hedges. One of the most elegant rooms in the mansion is the sitting room which features a large sectional sofa adorned with gold throw pillows. A large spiral staircase leads to the upper level of the mansion. The multi-purpose side of Tiger’s mansion has a private cinema, oxygen therapy room, and basement games room. His state-of-the art gym is filled with free weights, weight machines, and other high-end exercise equipment. Here’s a look at Tiger’s Florida mansion. Keep watching for a detailed tour of this epic property.

Uploaded on March 19th, 2021
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