From Pastor’s Daughter To Millionaire Adult Model!

A WOMAN has told how she went from “sheltered” pastor’s daughter to a millionaire adult model. Growing up, Nala Ray, 23, would read the Bible every day and attend church regularly. Strict rules meant that makeup and provocative dressing were banned – but around the age of 16, she began rebelling. Eventually, aged 20, Nala stopped going to church. Around the same time, she began using social media – and slowly started sharing more risque snaps. Eventually, she joined OnlyFans, and within just six months, she had banked her first million. Now, Nala is living the high life, renting a $15,000 a month mansion in Los Angeles, and regularly splashing the cash on fast cars and designer clothes. Sadly, not everybody is accepting of her chosen career. Still, as she reflects on how drastically her life has transformed, she has no regrets. She said: “I never dreamed I would have this lifestyle. Money is just not an object anymore.”

Uploaded on October 17th, 2021
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