Fisherman Catches 800LB SHARK! (World Record)

A LAND fisherman caught a record-breaking 805lb mako shark – and then barbecued and ate it with his friends. Joey Polk, 29, and his two cousins Earnie Polk, 43, and Kenny Peterson, 21, battled the 11ft predator for more than an hour before finally hauling it onto the shore at a secret location on the Florida Panhandle. The catch, set on April 15, beat a previous record set by Earnie for a mako weighing 730lbs, in February 2009. The potential world-record is being judged by the International Land-Based Shark Fishing Association, who look at big game catches caught by fishing on dry land. The Polk family normally release their catches and have helped local groups tag hundreds for conservation. However, this shark was too tired after the epic battle and to avoid wasting him the trio enjoyed their catch at a jumbo-sized family barbecue. -Barcorft TV

Uploaded on April 22nd, 2014
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