Dad finds and reads dead daughter’s letter to her future self!

The heartbroken parents of a 12 year-old-girl who died of pneumonia have discovered a letter she wrote to herself, to be opened ten years later.

A day after reading the letter on video and releasing it online, Taylor’s father Tim buried his youngest child and said his devotion helped him endure the tragedy. “If it’s God’s time, it’s God’s time, and he loved her more than we could ever love her. So much so that he said ‘come on’,” he said

Tennessee schoolgirl Taylor Scout Smith died suddenly of complications related to the illness on Sunday. Her parents found the sealed envelope containing a letter Taylor had written to her future self while cleaning her room.

The two-page note, which Taylor wrote last year, begins with: “Dear Taylor, How’s life? Life is pretty simple 10 years in your past. “Congratulations on graduating high school, if you didn’t, go back and keep trying. Do you have your own place yet? If we’re in college what are we majoring in? Right now I want to be a lawyer.”

In the letter, Taylor touches upon the everyday concerns of 12 year-olds such as iPads and Doctor Who, to the more profound issues of her future happiness. “How’s your relationship with God?,” Taylor asks her future self. “Have you prayed, worshiped, read the Bible or gone to serve the Lord recently? If not, get up and do so now!”

RIP Taylor.

Uploaded on January 13th, 2014
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