Cop Got Mad At This Man For Accelerating The Engine Before Getting Out Of His Car In Valet And Detained Him!

“Saturday afternoon after lunch with my family I returned to my hotel as I parked in valet I revved the engine to my car twice. I was then approached by an off duty police officer by the name SGT A Bello who begin to aggressively tell me “I better not ever do that again and asked me if I understood him “

As I read his tone how he was talking to me I decided to just say yes sir and walk past him to go to my trunk to get my bags out. As I go to walk to the front of my car he attempts to bump into me asking me if I heard him so I replied yes sir my car is parked there’s no need for this.

I walk to the front of my car and opened my trunk to get my bags out from shopping and SGT Bello saw I had a rifle in my trunk he then escalated the situation to illegally reaching inside my car removing my gun and publicly embarrassing me and my family. Making me get on the ground and holding the weapon in the air causing a scene in the driveway of the hotel. Posted by Toma

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Uploaded on April 20th, 2021
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