Caught on surveillance: Store Owner Brutally Pistol Whipped and the Robbers Only Take Soda!

Fresno, CA – Fresno police are looking for two men who were caught on tape while they carried out the bloody and brutal attack on an elderly man. Abdulla Ahmed was caught on camera at the register of Shields Family Market fighting to survive while being pistol-whipped again and again. On September 23rd, Ahmed was working his usual shift at the Central Fresno convenience store he owns when a man in a red sweatshirt and beige colored pants walked into the store. Surveillance video shows another man right behind him in a gray sweatshirt and black jeans. The video shows the suspect in red put a handgun inches away from Ahmed’s head and then use the weapon to beat him repeatedly before kicking him to the ground. Days later, Ahmed still has black eyes and staples in his head. “It is vicious. Very vicious attack,” said Fresno Police Lt. Joe Gomez. Police say the second suspect who loaded up a backpack during the ambush wasn’t even stealing alcohol. “It’s really a sad situation that beyond taking soda you beat somebody that bad because you can go to prison for that now, for a long time,” added Lt. Gomez. At one point, Ahmed remembers trying to get away but he’s pushed to the ground and hit some more. He said the men didn’t take any cash but they left him scarred for a long time. Ahmed told Action News his store doesn’t sell any alcohol which is what he believes the men were after.

Uploaded on October 1st, 2014
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