A Hotel manager in California Is Facing Backlash After telling their only Black customers to eat outside!

Yesterday afternoon myself and family – 3 others went to the Montage Resort in Laguna Beach for lunch and drinks.
We ordered drinks as soon as we arrived and requested to be seated inside. The outside area had zero umbrellas for shade. The manager on duty Timothy told our party we would have to sit outside.

We all looked around the room to see several tables with large and small groups seated inside being served drinks and food….and wearing no masks. Several people were also walking into the place wearing no masks. So we asked Timothy the logic in this madness? He then was very rude and aggressive in his tone when we wanted an explanation as to why “we had to sit outside” when a few feet away from us inside people were enjoying food and drinks? I was clear cut discrimination. Our whole group was African American to be very clear.

Timothy continued to unprofessionally escalate the situation. We spoke to him calmly and he was talking loudly saying he responds to his guest how they respond to him. What manager of any business says that? He asked his assistant manager to go get security for us and demanded that we leave. It was very embarrassing and appalling. I would never ever go back to this place and highly discourage anyone else giving this resort one dime of your money! I am filing a former complaint with management. Posted by Tado

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Uploaded on March 4th, 2021
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