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Young Man Gets A Much Needed Haircut While Others Laugh!

Posted by Toma

Added on Nov 13th 2017
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • Knowledge Power

    why did his hair come off like that?

  • chillout43612

    😭😭😭little man didn’t get mad until he put the hair on his shoulder

  • live Learn

    I would never go to that jerks Saying
    Nigger the boy’s Dad should fuck them up

    • Lil Darell

      I understand you but the Dad needs his ass kicked for allowing it to get to that point .

  • Carlos White

    He a kid being demoralized by older adults who should have been more compassionate shame on y’all

  • Boy got that “Yall niggas done yet?” face

  • rain spider

    hell naw. when they put that mf back on his head n started clownin he knew he had to get his pops 😂

  • Mr Steve R. Miller

    I would have watch that smile fade away when ran out and said ” I ain’t paying you shit mfer! “

  • FuckYouToo

    they’re going to be that little nigga first homicide case…..

  • PhukUrTestosterone

    Lazy barber the boys hair wasn’t even that long he couldn’t shampoo and condition him then picked him out and finish him off with a clean fade or taper? Smh nope I guess laughing at him and humiliating him was more of his job description. Clown ass barber that shi t wasnt even funny

    • Lil Darell

      What would be funny is if all his customers see this shit and how he treated a child and swear to never go in the shop again .

      • Theblackest

        Man ya niggas soft chill out,that’s just barbershop shit

        • PhukUrTestosterone

          No it’s not been in a barbershop for 5yrs when you go to school it’s apart of your training to never make your client feel bad this some bullshit and if it was my child I would’ve chewed his eyelashes off and my son would never be in his chair again

          • Theblackest

            Must have never been in a real barbershop champ…all types of shit goes on

          • PhukUrTestosterone

            Very true but never have we ever clowned or humiliated a child this is not ok and very unprofessional you and that barber would be out of a job and on a hunt for a new while cutting hair out of your roach infested kitchen where you prepare you cheesy skillets and hot pockets

          • Theblackest

            I hear you bra…a little punctuation tho

          • PhukUrTestosterone

            don’t come at me about punctuation when you end your sentences with “tho” fk puncs on disgust

          • Theblackest


          • Bitch Where?

            Eyelashes!? Tf

  • Nick

    Damn…looks like the boy was more mature than all the grown folk there. He was over it.

  • Ace Hole

    I didn’t know this kind of shit could happen

  • blacknowledge323

    He looking like “man hurry niggas is childish”

  • Theblackest

    That’s the barbershop for you