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Woman’s Violent Encounter With Phoenix Police Is Going VIRAL!

A bystander outside of a Wal-Mart in Phoenix, AZ yesterday witnessed Phoenix police attempting to take a female suspect into custody.

Going off what is shown in the video, the woman is accused of stealing from the store. While the struggle takes place in the car, the woman screams as a Phoenix police officer tries to arrest her. While in the process, she’s heard saying “he’s choking me!”

At one point, the officer is heard threatening to SHOOT her!

Other witnesses were clearly upset at how the situation was handled. Not only was he too rough with the woman, but he apparently maced the driver. They say the male driver had nothing to do with the incident, so this force was unnecessary.

A second officer arrived and that’s when they’re able to pull her out of the car and cuff her.

Do you think the officer(s) went too far?

Added on Mar 18th 2017
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • Kev Smith

    Bitches better stop stealing

  • 9 out 10 issues when this type of stuff happens is when people try and reason with the cops its just dumb…Don’t hold court on the streets just do what they say and sue later sheesh

    • BrotherMan21

      ” just do what they say and sue later ”

      Most people will not take an ass whooping and then wait 2 years for justice. Then the person has to pay court and lawyer fees. Videos like these will show the world the corruption in the justice system.

      • Lil Darell

        In the past 5 years of blacks being killed on video it hasn’t changed a thing . It only changes when whites bleed . Let the blood flow .

      • Isaac Rodriguez

        Nah its jist gonna show a dumb bitch resisting arrest cops aint gonna sit there and just wait for u to comply. If you doing what they say and they still throwing you around thats different. Oh yea i forgot the cops just whooping her ass so many punches she took! With your exaggerating ass sounf just like a bitch

  • Lvl.69_DoomLord

    No wonder these pigs can’t bulletproof their cars yet, the dumb brutes still don’t understand the concept of a “lawsuit”.

  • Lil Darell

    My my , look at the outrage when the shit happens to someone that isn’t black .


      Good people are outraged at injustice. Key word is injustice. Many of the altercations between black people and police that were brought to the attention of the public recently were justified. Some weren’t. It’s all how the media spins it.

      • Lil Darell

        There were cases of outright brutality that were highlighted by the media but were never taken any further because the victim was black , say it aint so .

      • James

        Spoken like a true hillbilly, there’s NO EXCUSE to kill a unarmed man. George Zimmerman started this shit when police saw neighborhood watch could kill a black & get away with it that all have been killing since

      • Tanya BeJaran

        So ,very true.

  • I’ been clocked in!

    I personally hate videos that start in the middle of any altercation.

  • michig911 ( Honky!!!)

    And you wonder why people are defiant when cops come around.

  • Isaac Rodriguez

    Thats what happens when you resist arrest who cares. Dumb bitch should of got out the car!

  • James

    Boy police brutality against white people & everybody gets involved WOW