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Woman OVERDOES On HEROIN In The Middle Of Traffic Right By A SCHOOL!

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Submitted by Chill

Added on Apr 21st 2017
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • dat piff

    These niggas is stupid as fuck…she is not OD’ING her ass is in a nod…and depending on how good the dope was will determine how long she will be nodding…I’ve seen motherfucker looking like the Matrix in a nod and never leave their feet

    • Kev Smith

      Well we both agree, she high off something

      • dat piff

        Her ass fucked up on that dope…

  • chillout43612

    It’s only a epidemic when it effects white people if it was a black thing then it’s a problem in are community when it’s white peoples it’s a epidemic

    • Kev Smith


    • dat piff

      It’s the white ppl version of the wire…

  • P Just Ice

    Either it’s staged or nobody thought to open the driver door

  • Le Roy Waring

    As I will continue to say I feel for the heroin/meth epidemic in white communities today the same way they felt about the crack epidemic of the 90’s in the black communities….nothing.

  • He know hat happen…lol he better clean up before the boys come.