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Woman Couldn’t Hold It So She Took A P*ss On The Train!

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Posted by Toma

Added on Nov 14th 2017
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • simom le

    Hispanics have no class

  • yahmensah

    no harm no foul

  • jamal ali

    Disgusting. What ever happen to demure in women?

    • mdogg0724

      Well what was she SUPPOSED to do? She couldn’t hold it any longer and there’s no bathroom nearby and she’s stuck on a train. So…what was she supposed to do?

      • chillout43612

        I loved when she said if felt good 🤣 must of been holding that piss for awhile 💯

      • jamal ali

        We are not talking about a child? Can’t believe ppl condone this

        • mdogg0724

          If you’re implying I condone this, I do and at the same time…I really don’t care. My point was that her being on that train is no different than a person being on the highway 20 miles from the nearest rest stop or exit and the person has to piss like a racehorse. If you have to go you have to go. At least she pissed outside of the train. She didn’t want the train to pull off before she finished so she went while in the doorway. Can’t say I blame her. And besides, we as humans need to STOP reacting to natural human functions as though they’re something inhuman. Most people I know including myself has pissed outside before because we couldn’t hold it. WHO HASN’T?!!

          • Jeebus Crise

            I condone the fuck out of humans being human as well. She had a choice to make and had the balls to make it. No one on that train is judging her. She lives her life, we live ours. I bet those that are judging her are nose pickers that eat the boogers and think no one will ever catch them, but they know. Secret ass scratchers that sniff their fingers. She pissed and moved on. Good for her living her life.

        • Jeebus Crise

          I do. One day she will be dead as we all will be. Manners are fleeting, but this shit, she will be remembered for for a while. Her fam knows her and she is that aunt that is fun AF. She is the one that shows up to the cook out lit AF and dances with all her lil nieces and nephews. None of them judge her anymore, just love her. You don’t have to judge her either, and can choose to see her as flawed, human, and of finite life. In that moment, she gave no fucks and got away with it smiling like a fucking Bawse.

      • Doobrownboy

        Get off the Danm train and piss oitside!

        • mdogg0724

          She DID piss outside. She pissed between the train and the ledge. Why should she get off of the train and have to catch another one just to get home or wherever she was going? Just because people are SO sensitive to a human experiencing a NORMAL human function? Come on man…get over it and man up.

          • Using.dialup

            What if she defecated? Natural human function right? What if everyone was like her and chose to do their business where they pleased?. You’d have some nasty shoes

          • Doobrownboy

            So if your young daughter is riding the train and a man pulled his dick out to piss OFF of the train, dick exposed to your young daughter, you would be ok with that? You do realize that is called indecent exposure and is against the law right? Not to mention NASTY AF!

          • mdogg0724

            What am I going to do about it? To me, it wouldn’t be a big deal if a man HAD to take a leak the way she did even if my daughter is on the train. I’d just tell my daughter to turn her head or close her eyes…simple. My daughter pisses. I piss. You piss. EVERYONE pisses. I’d have a totally different outlook on this issue if this woman was only feet from a bathroom, but she’s NOT. If you or anyone else says they’ve never been in a situation where they BARELY made it to a bathroom, I’d say y’all lying through your teeth.

          • Doobrownboy

            So you are saying you are ok having a man expose his penis to your daughter! And all you would do is tell her to turn away? You are an idiot. Get yo was off the train and piss

  • ApricotNapalm

    Ppl piss everyday B


    Fuck it,I’m not about to piss myself either

    • Jeebus Crise

      Bih was the realest. No fucks were given. Her fucks account is fat cause she gives none away.

  • USVI- SoJahseh

    Drip dry!

  • Doobrownboy

    Nasty pissy foot bih. How bout get yo ass off the train and piss!

  • Jeebus Crise

    Such a fuckin’ lady…(Adelle Givens voice).

  • Dave Thomas


  • Bitch Where?

    A I’d whipped it out and pissed too if need be tf…