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Whoa: Dash Board Camera Catch 18-Wheeler Falling Off A Over Pass!

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Submitted by Toma

Added on Apr 18th 2017
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • Frank Yoster

    If this was europe……the ppl would continue to drive…

  • bad guy

    You know Asians cant drive as a people, thats not racist its facts!

    • KryminalOne

      Did you see the container tilt? That was heavy frieight on that truck. Has nothing to do with asian driver faggot

      • Imonlyracist Onwshh

        lol you think that wasn’t bad driving?…….you ever see the signs right before a curved exit or bridge?…..its literally a truck doing this on the sign.

        • KryminalOne

          watch the video again. there was a slight sharper turn when his container tilted to the side. He was driving fine, the freight is overweight.

      • bad guy

        What u stupid faggot, it was an asian driving who went into the curve ro fast with that weight.stupid driver error point proven chinks,wops,chinamen cant drive you fortune cookie eating lil yellow dick holding slant eyed fuck

  • letmynutshang

    Another nigga dead lite the piff up