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While Waiting For Their Food, Two Men…White And Black Have A Real Conversation About Racism!

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Posted by Toma

Added on Oct 12th 2017
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • yahmensah

    man we been over here for over 400 yrs, i won’t be doing your challenge, stop calling yourself white because your not white if i had a white shirt and i took it to the cleaners and they brought it out to me as your complexion i would say what they hell do you do to my white shirt, and black people are not really black they’re brown, all this color shit started in the late 1800’s so humble yourself and go correct the wrongs of your forefathers and stop marring black people before you restore their human dignity asshole

  • Knowledge Power

    The elites do not want this to happen. They plant seeds in these peoples head from a young age. Seeds of “black victimization” and “white privilege”. Why do they not tech our children the whole truths about history? For instance the first man to legally own a slave in America was a black man, Name is Anthony Johnson. He was not the only black in America to own black slaves either. Slavery happened all over the world, to ALL RACES, and it all happened because this monetary system.
    Look up what Africans use to to, and still do to each other. Look up Joseph Kony. Look up what would happen to you all if you had not gone to America, what would happen if you went to the Middle East? Look up the 1.5 million whites who were enslaved in the Barbary slave trade. We are not so different, but these elites wants us to be. If we focus on each other, we cannot focus on them.
    Many of you have said this yourselves, “more whites are on welfare, than blacks”. This should tell you then, that there is no such thing as “white privilege”. Those privileged few, may look white but they will not call themselves that. Look it all up, people what I speak of are the truths. There are rich blacks too people, all of them worked hard to get where they are today, but the elites are the ones I am talking about. They are behind the banking system, causing our “WARS”, hate, envy, greed, etc…

    • ROACH000

      Stop with the bs….. Anthony Johnson the first black man in America to own a slave “supposedly” has been debunked now for sometime…. he purchased his blood sons contract as an indentured servant, not a slave. He also purchased the contracts of three Irishmen, that you guys always seem to forget to mention. Anthony Johnson also died almost 100 years before this country was established as the USA, so technically it’s not American history. This story was never mentioned at all 20 years ago but now it is because it’s fabricated to fit a certain racist agenda. Joseph Kony another fabrication, I’ve noticed you didn’t mention also the white Catholic Church and their sex slaves and elite pedophilia rings circling the planet, why not? You are biased and misinformed badly. Yes the elites have their hand in all this mess but who was the pawn to spread the message? Europeans that’s who. Racism was created to put Europeans on top and that’s a privilege no matter how you see it….

      • Frank Gallagher

        And what exactly are you personally going to do about it, besides spit the usual “woke” drivel about how oppressed and disadvantaged blacks are as a race? Go ahead and insert your paragraphs of righteous indignation, and how bad you have it because the white man is holding you back. Perhaps that might give you a sense of calm and absolves you of any responsibility as to why you haven’t amounted to anything!

        • ROACH000

          The fact that he’s spreading that bs as story is a sign of oppression…. stop the lies just so you can feel better about your ancestors history…. I’m good in life you dumb ass Neanderthal and never blamed the white man for anything I was responsible for…. however I find it funny that the same race that is responsible for all this oppression is the same ones who won’t take responsibility for it…. I just told him to shut the fuck up with the lies, and here you go twisting shit because it’s easier to deflect than take responsibility for being wrong.

          • Frank Gallagher

            Hilarious that you automatically assume I’m white. 😂 LOL! What difference does it make if white people take responsibility for the actions of their forefathers? Although he might be wrong about Anthony Johnson, his basic premise is factually based. It’s beneficial for the elite to pit one side versus the other while they bankrupt the country and take rights away from citizens, both black and white. It’s called divide and conquer. It will and has always been about RICH vs POOR the HAVES and the HAVE NOTS. Arguing with a powerless meaningless individual on the internet about his personal views will not change his stance nor will it serve to benefit you in anyway lol. Take a breath homie relax

      • Knowledge Power

        You are clearly out of your mind. That’s the problem with “the majority” of you. You are no better that the Black hatting Nazis my friend. You point the blame, make up B.S. in your own mind, ignore all rational thought, and blame the people who look nothing like yourself for it all. You race has spread and is embracing this white hate, which makes your dumb asses all the same inside. One day judgment will come. One way or another the truth will always come to pass.
        I will never understand your kind. You are raised to hate, even though you have never known what it was like to be a slave, nor an indentured servitude. Did you know the “majority” of indentured servants never survived compared to slaves? They were mainly Irish, which is how my family got here. I blame no one, if anything it made us stronger. Look up what would happen to you guys “after your own race caught and sold you” if you did not end up in America…..
        You honestly believe there is no Joseph Kony? Obama even tried to catch his ass fool. This is what I am talking about, I should not know and understand more about your race than you do yourself, but I do, because the majority of you are too fucking stupid and full of hate to even focus on yourselves. Even I (the cracker) can say I have spent my money, and time raising money to save those children this man has committed so many atrocities against. You honestly have no fucking clue. What a waist.
        us talk about privilege for a moment; As it all stands now, not one white
        person truly knows what it feels like to take pride in our own race without
        fear of being persecuted. If a white person is poor we are looked down on as
        being lazy, with blacks however it is because “racism”. If a black person has money they are looked
        up to, but if their white has it then they are “spoon-feed”, or “exploiting
        others”. If a white commits a violent crime towards blacks they are “racist”
        and will be prosecuted to the fullest, but if a black against white crime
        happens it is “justified”. No white person alive “since 1961” has ever known
        what is like to get hired for a job over another race, because of our skin
        tone. With ‘affirmative action’ black children can go to private schools for
        free, but whites must pay, the same thing with colleges, the workforce, etc.
        When a white person commits a crime it is on every media outlet, but black
        flash mobs, gruesome murders, and all racist actions are covered by all media
        outlets. If a white person speaks anything against one’s beliefs or makes an
        insensitive comment they now get fired, persecuted, harassed, and tyrannized.
        If a black person speaks against someone’s beliefs, and/or makes an insensitive
        comment nothing negative happens to them, blacks don’t even get called out on
        it. If and when a black person gets pulled over by the police everyone assumes
        it because “racism”. A black person can even be pointing a gun at the police,
        and people say it is because “racism”. If a white man does the same act, they
        are crazy, stupid, and a criminal. Blacks can, and do blame all their
        shortcomings on racism. Over 70% of black fathers do not take part in their
        children’s lives, and the same amount of mothers raise their children to become
        thugs, from “racism”? Ever since ‘affirmative affirmation’ took place more
        American have died, than all the U.S. wars combined at the hand of black thugs
        shooting guns, from “racism”? Anywhere you look on this planet, if the population
        makes up just 12% or more of the black race violence follows, from “racism”?

        • ROACH000

          I touched a nerve didn’t I white boy. Womp womp wah wah…. that’s all you mfs do is spew the same drivel crime crime 13% crime crime Chicago…. lmfao created just to have you sheep dumbed the fuck down with your racism. You pretend like you don’t commit mass crimes…. you pretend like the white man has not killed more humans on earth alone than. Anyone else and you’re the minority of the planet, and that’s just humans let alone the planet and everything in it. EVIL….. when a black man points a gun at a cop he’s dead you damn idiot, where have you been? It’s only white people who have the privilege to do that bs and Tell the story…. why didn’t you share the part where Anthony Johnson owned Irishmen? Exactly a dumbed down poor soul who no matter what just can’t accept the truth. How can you talk about the elites conquer and divide plan when your dumb ass already is conquered? You’re biased as fuck I read your posts Neanderthal, and everywhere your Neanderthal race have been in the world trouble, violence, crime etc all come around, read your damn HISTORY boy.

    • Whodafuqisyou?

      yeah, the elites don’t want this to happen. That’s why they allow us to watch these videos and emulate them.

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