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Video shows parents dragging students off of school bus!

Via Wesh 2 News

Added on Jan 12th 2018
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • The end of humanity

    This 🌎 going to shit and most of us know it

    • Knowledge Power

      Because we are allowing all types of shit into this county, plus paying for trash to out-breed the logical race. This is all being done by the powers that be (elites behind the banking system). Think about it. They are bumbing us down as we speak

      • Shaun Nguyen

        cant come here as immigrants then tell others they cant. its not your land white, but you already think it is. thats why the world is go in to shit

        • Knowledge Power

          No it is not my land, but are you going to allow rapist, addicts, etc. in your home were you are raising your children? The majority that are coming here are not good people. Their countries are fucked up because those people made it so. Look up “The Bell Curve”. We are all different no matter how much you, and others like you, don’t want to admit these truths.

          • Shaun Nguyen

            I dont read you anymore, nothing to learn. Practice admitting when you are wrong

          • Knowledge Power

            Thanks for making my point. #projection #blackprivilege #trash

          • Lovey

            You make no sense, beige/white people have mistreated EVERYONE in society that they have come in contact with, you have found some way to harm, rape, discredit, steal from, and cheat them but others cannot come into this country? No one has done more harm to all men in society than the beige/white man. You cannot peacefully coexist with anyone and your history shows it.

            America is now the shithole country that chump was talking about. All manufacturers of goods and services have been outscourced, the average educated person cannot get a job because society does not want to pay them unless they are at walmart or some fast food joint. People like you dare to talk about others if white america is not killing with their hands or a gun, they are using a pen in congress.

          • Tesla ⚡️#ThirdEyeOpened👁

            Exactly white ppl think they are saints, Native Americans didn’t want whites here, and they raped, murdered, and enslaved them to take over this country. They love to forget how nasty their History is.

      • The end of humanity

        Its everwhere…

        • Knowledge Power

          Only in the “Once” Majority white nations around the world are we witnessing events like this. Now look up, “The Bell Curve”. These elites know what they are doing.

          • Whodafuqisyou?

            The bell curve is a theory that holds no academic quality. In other words, they’re false stats.
            But if you are so adamant about using it as your proof of white superiority, you must also acknowledge that Asians have the highest IQ’s. And you need to realize that native americans, and a vast majority of Mexicans have Asian origins. In other words, you racist bigoted white folks are dumber than your average Mexican. lmao.

          • LOL Bitches

            And how are the shithole African nations doings?

          • Whodafuqisyou?

            What about Obama?!??!?! Stfu.

          • Knowledge Power

            See how these people are? Its not just a theory look it up. Whodafuqisyou- you might want to read someones whole reply before making yourself look a fool. If you knew anything about the subject at hand you would also know that it is only the “East Asians” with higher IQ’s, but I covered that. Ignorance is all over, just open your eyes. Look at all these videos.

          • Whodafuqisyou?

            The bell curve is more of a theory than gravity is, I’m afraid. You can choose to believe in fake science if you want to….
            East Asians, due to their higher number in population, will have more extremes. Kinda like how white people in America have more extremes than blacks. In essence, the number of Asians, ruins the bell curve for the rest of us.
            Where were the “scientific” IQ tests given to these people?

          • Knowledge Power

            “The bell curve is more of a theory than gravity is”???? Let me explain something to you. There is a process for anything being proven, and a theory is a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world, based on many facts that have been repeatedly confirmed through observation and experimentation. In science Laws tell us what is happening, and theories explain how and why something happens. EAST Asians and Jews tested higher than any group. Look around you, they are the successful groups, hell the Jews are in control of this world.

          • Whodafuqisyou?

            I’m educated and know what a theory is. Gravity is a theory. The Bell Curve is less than a theory because it is falsifiable. Jews control the world? Lol. Conspiracy Theory much?

          • Whodafuqisyou?

            Also, correlation and causation are two words you need to look up, then realize that they are not dependent on each other. So, even if you are surrounded by white geniuses, it doesn’t mean all white people are geniuses, and it sure as hell doesn’t mean you’re a genius either. Likewise, if you give an IQ test to a bunch of people, do you know what that proves? That people who have the time and reading skill to take this test have a certain IQ. What about all the people who refused the test? I suspect most black people score low on IQ tests for one reason: I ain’t got time for this. Just mark C and move on…. Well, unfortunately, the answer was D, therefore you’re not as smart as this nerd who feels the necessity to be right about everything.

            So, the fact that there are a ton of videos of people doing asinine things that you happen to have seen means nothing. It means that some dumb people have a camera in their cellphone. That’s it. If you want to extrapolate from there, you can. That’s the realm of the mentally lazy, though.

    • yurpnova

      World been crazy… it’s just more visible now

  • disqus_HcNCe6Or9e

    trump rounding up the kids