Two Girls Who Spoke To Each Other For The First Time At An Track Meet Because They Looked Alike Find Out They Are Sisters


A chance meeting at an athletics track has led to two 17-year-old girls discovering that they are in fact long lost sisters. Jordan and Robin were born just nine months apart. Jordan was adopted shortly after birth, while Robin initially lived with her biological mother before being taken into foster care and eventually living with a legal guardian.

Although both lived in Washington D.C., played some of the same sports, and attended schools just minutes apart their paths never crossed until that fateful day in January. At the track meeting, friends of Jordan told her there was another girl at the event who looked just like her.
The two girls started talking and before long Jordan was crying after finding out that Robin’s last name was Jeter.

‘I had already known about my adoption and I knew my last name was Jeter,’ Jordan told USAToday. That night the two girls talked on the phone and compared birth certificates in an attempt to work out if they really could be sisters.


It is uncanny how similar the two girls are, despite spending none of their 17 years together. As well as looking alike, they sound alike, both have double jointed thumbs and wear the same shoe size. It is also a reunion that almost never happened, as Jordan had only joined the track team to stay in shape.

‘If I wouldn’t have, I would have never met her,’ she said. ‘I’m so thankful I joined track.’ Now that they’ve found each other their next task is to track down their other siblings and so far four have been found. ‘It’s been so long I just feel like I’ll never be apart from her,’ said Jordan, who is set to meet for biological mom for the first time yesterday on Mother’s Day.

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