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This Is True: Remove yourself from truepeoplesearch! (they have all your information on there)

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Posted by Charlie Rock

Added on May 18th 2017
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • Le Roy Waring

    Bitch had warrants.

  • PeachPie

    I went ahead and removed myself. I’m not super popular but I don’t like seeing my address on blast like that. Wtf. I wonder if removing ourselves puts us on a new list…this world.

    • UNDFTD23

      all the information on that site is pulled from sites you shared you address with. you did it to yourself

      • PeachPie

        We all did then. Just happy it can be removed

  • FallenAngel

    Internet is not your friend,why put yourself out there if you dont want your personal business to be seen?

  • Tempest

    This is real. Got rid of my shit. Gotta check back in a few hours to make sure the removed it. They had a lot of my info. Scary.

  • TreBlkBuz

    Don’t try n scam me fuck face website
    Slight breakdown
    It has all ur info cool let me remove it
    Now once u remove ur specific name ur info because u know it’s u
    The website tracks ur IP address to the profile u opted out from
    Now they got ur info and ur IP address
    Now they send it to telemarketing irs scam fucks

  • Keeef n hash joints nigga