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Took It Overboard: Group Of Dude Stomp The Sh*t Out Of Two Guys!

Posted by Toma

Added on Jan 11th 2018
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • Brock Sellers

    Are you dumd

  • YallForgotImHalfWhite

    L Brothers…damn…

  • chillout

    I hope karma catches up to them real soon đź’Ż

    • Frank Gallagher

      Maybe karma caught up to the 2 guys on the floor. Can’t really make a judgment without knowing the full story

      • chillout

        Good point!

  • jojosale

    then wonder why nobody likes blacks, they hate themselves

  • Yo Neighborhood Shooter

    damn that was brutal them niggas was laid out sleep lol

  • Doobrownboy

    But when them boys die let’s see how the stomp in court and in a cell.

  • SoWhatNâ„ąGGER

    See what color they are..