This Month’s UP & COMING New Artist, A Look At DJ DaddyFats

DJ Daddyfats

DJ Daddyfats:(JayT) has been deeply rooted in the club music scene for more than 10 years. Born in Dallas, Texas and raised in Magnolia, Arkansas where he discovered his musical talents at an early age. At the age of 4 he was already playing the drums and by the age of 12 had progressed to the piano and violin. As a natural and eager learner he attended both Middle and high school magnets that specialized in fine arts and musical education. In 2005 in order to fund further musical education Jay T took a job at a commercial real estate firm. This gave him not only the ability to wow with musical talents but also served as a tool for knowledge in overall business contracts and negotiations. By 2009 DJ Daddyfats had become a full time DJ and musician, hosted several mixtapes, and worked for some of the largest venues in Dallas and Missouri. Jay T now currently resides in Las Vegas where he spins for Planet Hollywood, Rio, and Caesars Palace casinos His major sponsors are and have included Coke, Rockstar Energy, ILLtelect Apparel, and Two In The Shirt Apparel brand as well most recently added Four Loko.

B-Sting: You are really starting to make a name for yourself in the DJ World. What made you decide to pursue DJing?

D.J DaddyFats: I’ve always been into music since I was really young, but the new market for musicians doesn’t pay well. This is just a different instrument and expression. Still great music though.

B-Sting: Did you see yourself becoming an artist as a child?

D.J DaddyFats: As a kid I always wanted to own the mavericks. Music has been and always be a big part of my life though.

B-Sting: So are there any other instruments that you play?

D.J DaddyFats: Drums piano organ saxophone and the violin

B-Sting: That is a good variety of different instruments. Have those instruments contributed to your unique style and techniques? What sets you apart from other DJs out there?

D.J DaddyFats: The training and theory from the instruments has definitely helped a lot. Rhythms syncopations and phrasing are all important to this craft too in a bunch of different aspects from scratches to programming. I can’t really tell you what makes me different from other guys honestly. My theory is we all get paid to play the same music as a story. I can’t get concerned with how someone else tells their view of the story. This way when I tell mine I can be as original as I can.

B-Sting: What influences your music style? Any favorite artist?

D.J DaddyFats: I am a huge fan of the 80’s decade of music. Something about it was just so innovative and it is still a big part of current culture. Favorite Artist….hhhmmmm That actually changes often but I would have to say artist like John Legend, Gaga, Usher and Luke Bryan never disappoint.

B-Sting: Ok Ok That’s hot lol, Now I have to ask because the ladies want to know, Are you single?

D.J DaddyFats: Currently single and career driven and focused. Like anyone else I have someone that I see more often than others in my free time. We are pretty much opposites but somehow the balance keeps us around each other

B-Sting: Ok, Thanks JT for taking the time to do this interview with us, If someone wanted to go out and witness or buy your work, where can they go?

D.J DaddyFats: Impulse stage show on Fremont St by far is my main focus right. I work with a great group of musicians and its really paying off well. For quick links to my work though or my website in general See you guys there.

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