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That was intense: Felony Arrest For Filming in Dearborn Police Station!

Submitted by Chill

Added on Mar 20th 2017
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • Le Roy Waring

    What these dumbshits fail to mention at the beginning is that they’re walking into a police station with firearms (legal or not) you don’t do that….open carry doesn’t mean open ignorance.

    • HandiMan2015

      Wearing black masks and body armor. White privilege at it’s finest!

    • Theblackest

      yeah at the same time the law is the law…see whats funny is yeah it seems like he’s looking for trouble…but the cops violate are civil rights anytime they feel like it…so in reality if this is a open carry state and this is considered public property then the police should act accordingly…if we can have troops in a war zone and they have the discipline not to fire on every citizen with a AK,then surely the officers can keep their cool

      • MR M.O.M

        That’s absolutely correct.

      • Isaac Rodriguez

        Thats the kind of thinking that gets idiots like you shot by the police! Hopefully fatally that way we dont here your dumbass excuses.

        • Theblackest

          Ignorance of the law is no excuse…and you sir are ignorant

          • Isaac Rodriguez

            Yeah so is most of the police force I guess. Dont matter what you think matters what the cops think. There the ones that are gonna put that bullet in your ignorant ass.

          • Theblackest

            nigga stop being scary

          • Isaac Rodriguez

            Yeah not ignorant enough to walk in to a police station with assault rifles. Not ignorant enough to defend any idiot that would do that either LOL. Stupid white people think they can get away with everything!!! Youll never see a black or brown person do that shit at a police station.

          • Theblackest

            Well you’re right…but you’re completely missing the point

          • Isaac Rodriguez

            Nah i get your point and youre right but thats the reality we live in.

      • Isaac Rodriguez

        Keep their cool?? I think they did that if they where black they would of got their ass lit up!

      • Le Roy Waring

        Agreed but in today’s climate in America and their arrogance I would say the officers did keep their cool .

  • TREV

    don’t go looking for trouble,regardless

  • Tennessee

    They walked into a Police station with assault rifles. Someone is trying to mislead people.

  • Sicilia/Italia

    You have to be a special kind of stupid to pull this type of shit. He was just asking for trouble. Go in unarmed, file your complaint and be on your way. Now your stupid ass is behind bars. SMH

  • Bombshell Savage

    He kinda asked for that felony with sprinkles on top. Still got off lucky though because they would have blown my little brown ass away!! Then again, I look like trouble! 😜