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Did He Take This Too Far?: Father Beats The Sh*t Out Of His Daughter For Trying To Act Grown…He Shaves Her Head Too!

Father Beats The Sh*t Out Of His Daughter For Trying To Act Grown…He Shaves Her Head Too. Posted by Toma

Added on Dec 6th 2017
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • Yo Neighborhood Shooter

    man he went too far with the head shaving he need his ass beat it ain’t that deep

    • Marquese Dillinger

      idk hair grows back..but if she start thottin early she a thot for life…rock and a hard place…how you stop fast ass lil girl???? He shaved her head — dudes won’t be looking at her like that for a lil while….it aint right..bu it is a solution.

      • IAMDONALDBILLZ ✅ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ


  • Mr. Stylistic

    He will be getting a knock at his door by CPS soon


    Someone needs to beat this dudes face in with a hammer

  • peabeexo

    When she hangs herself or kills herself from the bullying or embarrassment don’t be on TV crying bout shit.

    • Dave Thomas


  • Whodafuqisyou?

    12 years a slave wasn’t shit….

  • SteadyKeepinIt1000

    This was too much. He shaved her head, that’s too much. People don’t know how to EFFECTIVELY discipline their children anymore.

    Smh Wow.

  • Maestro

    I understand where Pops motivation but he went too far. He’s definitely getting locked up. While he is away daughters resentment of him will turn to hate.

  • IAMDONALDBILLZ ✅ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    waaay too far…

  • Amoré Paraiso

    Waaaaay too much. That a_s whooping was for having sex with boys or fighting her mama. If she’s not doing her hygiene right THATS UR FAULT PARENT!! A child knows because u show them. If a little girl is showing her then YOU SHOULD BE GETTING YOUR A_S WHOOPED because she just didn’t learn to not clean her room or herself. She was programed by insufficient parents. How dare you strike that child like she didn’t pick the cotton fast enough. How dare you shave her hair off because YOU are a incompetent PARENT

  • WhitelikeCoolwhip

    Jesus buddy this is how kids Commit suicide

  • ladylabyrinth

    dammmm! dude beat her like she stole something! too much when he cut the hair off though!

    • Dave Thomas

      Yep…..the ASS WHOOP’N was CLASSIC!!! That would make most KIDS straighten up. But the HAIR CUT. That was a NO NO!!! (BAD PARENTING) She’s gonna be PICKED ON at school. It might make her do something to herself!!!

  • Nick

    That’s fucked up. She’s been working on that hair for the last 15 years.

  • Nick

    So this was the daddy and his boyfriend, ex cell mate, next John?

  • iGangsta

    He keeps asking her if she want to go to jail…. The funny thing is that’s where he’s going after posting this video…. Ha.

  • freddyb

    You should never discipline your daughter to break her self confidence. ..I’m cool with the ass whooping but the head shaving is ridiculous

    • Datdudedez

      Right if you treat her like that imagine what she’s gonna take from a dude. Smdh

    • Vailsburg

      He went too far with the way he beat her. A father is supposed to talk to his daughter, especially at that age. She will never be the same and any rebellion is his fault.

  • Schools of Opposite Day 📿

    Unorthodox methods for controlling. I wonder where he learned to take upsidedown methods. Seek truth

  • Niccolo Machiavelli

    hey i bet she wont act up no more after this……..too you white people on here who think this is extreme….well we learned from the best, thats is how you use to control slaves so its embedded in us…….

    • m m

      What this girl did was probably normal teen activity. We’ve all done it and much worst at times. But to cut the girls hair after you whipped her like an animal isn’t the best of lessons. This guy or father has delivered a devastating blow to his daughter self esteem. It maybe be difficult to repair.

    • rick

      I ain’t white but damn. So it’s ok to do it to yourselves huh.. learn the shit from the white man and then bitch about it and then continue it.

    • Ace Hole

      I think they beat slaves like that to break their spirit to gain complete control. thats how you want to treat your kids?

  • Vailsburg

    This is disgusting. This is abuse and not discipline at all. He has treated her like nothing, and completely humiliated her. This is not love, and I hope that she doesn’t grow up thinking that it is. I’m looking forward to the post where they lock his ass up, and put her with a family that loves and respects her.

  • Shaun Nguyen

    She was ready for it, but he just lost custody

  • SmackAStankHoe

    The ass whoopin was a lil bit extreme the hair cut was a lil extreme. 👀 nigga did both. He coulda just picked one

  • EyesWatching

    Changed her life forever.

    • P Just Ice


  • Shadeaux

    I’m all for an asswhooping but this fool has lost his fucking mind. That shit didn’t make no sense. He’s talking about her going to jail.., his ass will be on the news by weekend and locked up somewhere and that little girl will be in the system.

  • Jeebus Crise

    Not watching the video, but just listening to a child cry in anguish, you can only hope he realizes, had he been a good father instilling good values, he would not need to abuse her. Hope he gets time and gets this same treatment. Hope the cops dare him to resist arrest and beat him to within an inch of his life.
    Abuse is not a substitute for parenting. Never once had to use violence against my kids because I raised them patterning them after my own behavior. Do as I do, and not just as I say. Those to concepts must be consistent with each other.

  • Christian Dior

    The ass whoopin was fine the hair cut was too much but who knows what she did

  • Felicia Princess Fee Hamilton

    The ass whooping was a little to far but I understand where he coming from.. he couldve just talked to her and she continued her behavior.. this may have stopped my niece from having a baby at 14 by a pedo who was disguising himself as a guidance counselor for children.. as far as being clean you can set a perfect example as I’ve done house clean, bills paid and showering twice a day but I still have problem with my almost teen being clean but my 5yr old doesn’t .. these kids are lazy and act like they allergic to chores but I got southern raising so.. play if you want to I’m from the land of switches and my granny ensured all 4 of her kids had good jobs, retirement and 401ks with switch whooping likes this! cutting the hair lol all the hair in beauty supplys it would be a new hairstyle weekly (shrugs) but that was ass whooping would be my last because act right would be religion after that!

  • ladylabyrinth

    That’s his sister

  • Bigntastee43

    I’m all for spankings but not this..not her hair not the continual beating it was excessive and abisive. I hope he loses custody.