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Stud Chick Beat Up A Dude Over $15!

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Posted by Toma

Added on Sep 13th 2017
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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    Those studs with big tits got to feel like shit lol can’t put a sports bra on to hide them shits

  • The12deel

    Hitting him with them Ham Hocks

  • PhukUrTestosterone

    Thats a grown ass man woman mee ass

  • Von d

    No she really feel like a dude smh

  • Knowledge Power

    The black women are getting stronger than the men, it seems.

  • KingSirus

    She broke bruh off a 17 piece family bucket wit biscuits and gravy!!!

  • real

    Put some bass in your voice nugha! Lol

  • miguel miguel

    Wow a shemale went in that azz .he got tossed

  • APOCALYPSE the Troll King

    Sluts with mental disorders = dykes n Faggits

  • ApricotNapalm

    Wont meet too many lesbians that know 2 players on the same WNBA team, smh

  • Jaybo

    Yep. He a bitch aaa ssssss