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When spoiled azz kids get told NO in Walmart: The look on his face at the beginning of the video! #unbothered

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Posted by Tado

Added on Aug 12th 2017
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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    • Jeebus Crise

      Some good dadding right there.

  • C4

    need to change the “they will be made to listen” line up to something else

  • Marquese Dillinger

    save this video for 16 years; some dude is gonna want to know why she flip out then act like everything ok…(jus kidding)

  • mdogg0724

    Now THIS is the solution to the disproportionate rate of crimes within our inner cities. Over 72% of all black children are raised by single mothers. I can tell as long as this man stays in this little girl’s life, she’s going to turn out just fine. She won’t be ratchet, loud, or violent. Our black homes NEED fathers. Children tend to think that they can be more outgoing and active around their mothers. They tend to be more passive around their fathers. Maybe it’s intimidation. But our black homes need this good family structure to curb this rapid growth of crime, violence, and broken homes. And when I say ‘fathers’, I mean good men…not thugs.

    • Knowledge Power

      It would be nice to see, but the thugs do not care. The women sleep with the thugs, not the good men, then they raise their babies to be thugs. The problem is they are paid to do so. The more they have, the more $ they get, and now they are breading more than any other class. This country is changing for the worse, and when our “good” kids are the same age as we are, this country will look like a third world. Us “good” people can see this coming, we see it happening, yet do nothing to stop it. These people being brought into the US, these so called “refugees” are not here to contribute. They do not care about our morals, or values. Their countries are the way they are for a reason. We need to unite. We truly do, but all these agendas got people so brainwashed that we focus on each other, instead of our true enemies. The monetary system has bought and is leading 99.9% of this planet into destruction. All we must do is unite, there is a solution.

      • mdogg0724


    • Lovey

      Just because a Black girl is reared in a single parent household does not mean she is ratchet, loud or violent! Stop watching online videos that depict Black women as such. Black women have led college enrollment/graduations in overwhelming numbers. Most Black women are educated and make very good money, many are part of the middle class amerikkka. Black women are not the problem Black men make up almost 40 percent of the inmate population. Black women have single HH because … I wonder why?

      • mdogg0724

        Oh no, NOT another post like this one. You know what, I don’t even feel like doing this all over again so I’m going to copy and paste one of my earlier comments.

        Whaaaaaaat?!!!!!!!! Let me ask you, WHO THE H*LL RAISED THOSE SO-CALLED BLACK MEN?!!!!! BLACK WOMEN, THAT’S WHO. SO WHAT black girls outnumber black boys going to college, but that particular demographic have ABSOLUTELY no relevance to this topic. The black communities that are impoverished and have a disproportionate number of crimes, violence, and murders is what’s being discussed. THOSE communities are overrun with black single mothers raising bastard illegitimate children because THEY are the ones making POOR A** choices in whom they choose to procreate with. Black women in those communities would MUCH rather lay with a THUG ANYYYYYYYYYDAAAAAAY than a good black man. Don’t come at me with that BS about black women are these strong, benevolent, exemplary model citizens and mothers. Most of them ARE NOT. There’s a reason we blacks make up such a small percentage of the overall US population but account for over HALF of all homicides. There’s a reason we blacks are the most violent race in our country. It is NOT the fathers. It’s black women. Those so-called boys/men whom you speak of are the fathers of these bastard children BECAUSE THE MOTHERS OF THESE BASTARD CHILDREN CHOSE THESE MEN TO FATHER THEM. Again, you can type until your fingers fall off…THESE COMMUNITIES ARE FAILING BECAUSE OF BLACK WOMEN AND THEIR CHOICES IN MEN….PERIOD. Women are acceptors and men are pursuers. A man have to be ACCEPTED into a woman’s circle, in most cases not the other way around. So of course you’re going to have a substantial amount of black men that are irresponsible and NOT worthy of raising a child when they never had a good model to learn by. It’s become a cycle. A cycle of irresponsible effeminate men and thottish masculine women that chooses them. This has become a serious problem since big government allowed women an escape from their poor reckless choices…welfare and government aid. You say, ‘what is the black man doing to stop this’. Well the black men can’t do ANYTHING unless the woman allows it. You say, ‘black men are sleeping around with all of these women’. Well, these women are ALLOWING AND ACCEPTING these black men you speak of. These women are not being forced or raped in MOST cases…they’re WILLING…they WANT IT.

  • Bombshell Savage

    ‘You leave balls outta your life!!’ 😂😂😂

  • Knowledge Power

    This is good, and very nice to see a pro-social father.

  • ManEatah

    I LOVE THIS and she is absolutely gorgeous

  • Lovey

    Spoiled kids don’t shop at Walmart!

  • Shad LaCour

    We’d have stayed in the store. I would have whooped her ass and she would have stfu. She would also know I love her more than life itself. It’s fine when you’re with mom, but when you’re alone and those tantrum happen… THEY STOP. We don’t have time all the time to go outside and wait. TF!

  • chillout43612

    She did not want to go to Walmart she wanted a daddy daughter hair day that’s be long overdue!