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Sounds Like Dude Got Caught Having D*cks In His Phone…He Didn’t Have To DO Her Like That Though!

Posted by Toma

Added on Dec 7th 2017
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • PhukUrTestosterone

    that fool gay and he wasnt ready to let that secret out

  • Yo Neighborhood Shooter

    a gay nigga ain’t never scared to beat a bitches ass

  • yahmensah

    the last thing i expected was a white boy, you got me on this one

    • IAMDONALDBILLZ ✅ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      me 2

    • Maestro

      Nah cuz. He was a Klay Thompson/Gay Johnson!

  • RotorRooter

    Typical black woman: Unattractive, loud, ghetto, ratchet, calling out someone’s name while standing outside of her government-subsidized project apartment on her Obama phone. So these are the Black Queens that you niggas brag about? LOL! 😂

    • California Wynn

      Stop with that queen shit and free living when its people who go to work who live welllllllll above they means just to prove a to they quote unquote friends and family they getting a bag the bag is urs noboy else……. Mofos riding brand new living with 4 families new jordans new hair hats and tranny makeup smh

    • Dave Thomas

      And SHE saying all that to a WHITE BOY!!! That’s the type of BLACK QUEEN all WHITE BOYS want!!!

    • Lil Darell

      I fucked a white Meth head bitch in the ass for $2 , so yeah compared to a white woman .

  • Christian Dior

    Europeons are the majority on welfare stop it …..give it up too the real welfare queens the “Europeons”

  • rodofiron platinum

    fuck that whiteboy….why that other bitch so big……THATS A HUGE BITCH!!!!!!!