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Smdh: Woman Goes Live On Social Media Driving Around Without Her Son Being In A Car Seat!

Posted by Chill

Added on Dec 6th 2017
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • WhitelikeCoolwhip

    L for tryna act like you’re a good mother on social media

  • Nick

    Let me guess. This is somehow the racist crackers fault, right? Obama should have just given them all free car seats.

    • yurpnova

      naw my dude… you can’t blame the white man for this silly shit… plenty of places to get a free car seat… she just dumb as rocks… 1) on social media live while drive 2) toddler in a seat belt 3) responding to people on social media 4) smoking with a child in the car…

      She clearly doesnt care about her life nor that childs life…

    • ROACH000

      Let me guess you are white and made it about race because that’s what you scums do best? Obama is not even president anymore and you pathetic mfs can’t stop mentioning him smh

      • Nick

        Well I’m not white. Good try.

        Don’t give me that shit about “that’s what you scums do best”. Look at the comments here as well as in the media, your friends on facebook, anywhere. Someone is always making it a race issue. My statement was the sarcastic shit that gets said regularly bitching about “dem racist ass honkeys” or “dem mayonnaise eating, child fucking, school shooting racists”

        Only thing I said about Obama was he should have given her a free child seat with her free “Obama phone”.

        • ROACH000

          “Let me guess” learn how to comprehend and you damn sure sound like a hurt white.

          • Nick


  • chillout

    You can’t fix stupid 💯 you self reported two crimes 1 the child not being in a car seat2 smoking weed around the child💯 I hope you get the 6 months that is due for each charge and they take the baby away. If you don’t want people in your business don’t Facebook Live💯

  • yurpnova

    Darwinism lil nigga… this is sparta

  • yurpnova

    niggas be looking for attention for the silliest shit…


    Bitch look like 21 savage twin sister

  • DjSpankademiks

    She go hit the brakes and that in little nigga head him get stuck in the a.c. vents

  • Datdudedez

    She looks slow as hell, look at her empty ass eyes. Driving on social media w no car seat. No amount of conversation will make her dumbass get it. Should just spay her now

  • Fat Bih Slayer

    So if she crashes baby goes flying out the window and die because that restraint belt is too big and won’t hold him, all the while dumb ass mommy and her bulldagger girlfriend live because they restrained properly?? And the bulldagger has the nerve to be smoking? And the dumb ass mommy says ‘yall all in my business’s??? STUPID, DUMB, FAT, UGLY, NO EDGES, MUSHROOM NOSE BITCH.. YOU ON LIVE, HOW THE HELL THEY IN UR BUSINESS YOU PUTTING IT OUT THERE!!!!

  • real

    Why put your business out there then!

  • Jeebus Crise

    Lap belt will snap this childs spine in half in a frontal at just 35 mph. Dumb bitch needs to be beaten in the face with a bat.

  • Ace Hole

    she seems insecure

  • dattnigg93

    thats her nigga wit her…lmao…the baby daddy