SMDH: A SCHOOL BUS DRIVER Was Beat Up BY A PARENT After She Allegedly Didn’t Break Up A Fight Between Two Kids On Her Bus!

In a video that is quickly going viral, a St. Louis Charter school bus driver is seen being physically assaulted by a parent and others.

Sources say the altercation started because allegedly there was a fight on the school bus involving the parent’s daughter. The bus driver did not stop the fight because of certain guidelines drivers are to follow. Reportedly the child told her mom the bus driver got involved.

In the video the parent is seen verbally and physically assaulting the woman about her child. The bus driver is heard repeatedly trying to tell the child’s mother her side of the situation but the mom and another woman went onto the bus and began punching the lady in the head while students sat and watched from their seats.

The driver was pulled off the bus and repeatedly punched and even kicked by the mother’s daughter. After she was allowed to stand up, the driver still tried to explain what happened but was attacked again.

Reportedly the driver was substituting for the normal driver of Kipp Victory Academy. Many recognized the driver and contacted RSTLN to describe the type of woman she is. One person described the driver as a quiet and pleasant woman who loved her job, family and church. She stated her “heart was broken seeing such an innocent person being done in such a way.”

An investigation is underway at this time.

Uploaded on April 12th, 2019
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