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Dog Defends Itself And Owner While On A Leash!

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Posted by Toma

Added on Sep 12th 2017
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • Jotaro

    This is how McGregor vs Runnin’ Floyd should’ve went lol

    • UthoughtIT IsaidIT

      Haaa who ran in that fight

      • Mobius

        The Boxer of course. Let Running Floyd try that in the octagon

        • UthoughtIT IsaidIT

          u clearly didnt watch the fight. Floyd pushed forward even when getting hit Mcgregor ran

  • Ace Hole

    camera man was thirsty as fuck with all that baby girl shit. the lady is an irresponsible dog owner with no knowledge of how to handle the situation.

    • WhitelikeCoolwhip

      how do you handle that situation ?

      • Ace Hole

        depends on the stage of the situation but for starters you never leave the house without a breaking stick, they are usually made out of a hard plastic and shaped like knife so you can pry the dogs mouth open. second, you don’t panic. third, when she was pulling on the defeated dog she was signaling to her dog to continue to attack. notice as soon as she stepped back her dog did too. there is more but thats the low hanging fruit

  • Worlds End

    That cameraman said “give that dog everything he want”. no no no no no she might take that the wrong way.

  • Tennessee

    Nigga, shut…..up.