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Do He Have A Point: Dude Says Women Cheat Just Like Men!

Posted by Chill

Added on Nov 13th 2017
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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    Ray j . Cut it out

  • Bang Bang

    in an african american society , yes they both cheat

  • Knowledge Power

    Open your eyes people.. This place is turning to shit very quickly. If you do not care, it is because you have no children, or you totally suck as a parent. We can put an end to this shit, just by uniting. Do you not see that they teach your children to hate in these school systems? You grow up, then your a slave until the day you die, for what, so you can go in depth on shit you need to survive? We must WAKE UP… It can be better… They have taken all moral code, and value foundations out of every public schools. EVEN if you home-school you are forced to teach your children the same agendas. Things have got to change. Do not go blaming anyone but yourselves and these elites because they are playing us all like puppets.- Divide and conquer.

  • kody scot

    this nigga look like nas

  • Welcoming Eyes📿

    An awoke man will go and get a wife and get back to doing what he loves