Plastic Surgery Addict Spends $130,000 To Look ‘Perfect’

Star Delguidice had a strict upbringing and as soon as she left home, she knew she wanted to completely change how she looked. The 28-year-old from Birmingham, UK, has since spent over £100,000 in the last 10 years on transforming her body. Her procedures include numerous breast augmentations, cheek implants, jaw and forehead contouring, liposuction, lip lift and lots of Botox. Star’s father was a Jehovah’s witness and was very strict on Star as a child. Her parents split up when she was 12 and Star became a depressed child. Her father used to tell Star she looked like her mum, which she hated because he was always so negative about his ex-wife. Star began to rebel when she was 16, getting in trouble with the police and doing drugs and was subsequently made to move out into a hostel. The teenager fell into stripping and it was then that she began her plastic journey to look like a ‘porn star’. At the time, to pay for the surgery, she became a dominatrix Star’s family disagree with what she’s doing with her body and they no longer talk – but they will never stop the self-confessed plastic surgery addict.

Uploaded on August 8th, 2018
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