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Opioid Addiction: A Deadly Dosage

In-depth look at the opioid crisis continues with advice from a parent who lost a daughter to heroin. Via Wavy

Added on May 18th 2017
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • Lil Darell

    As long as it was black people you guys weren’t interested in the problem .

  • Lovey

    And now Blacks are not interested. What they don’t know is what goes around comes around. What you put in one community will come back to your own, in time. When they learn?

  • Theodore Tucker

    How could blacks not be interested/concerned when it has plagued most inner cities populated by blacks? That was asinine to say blacks aren’t interested. We see friends, family, destroyed by this shit.

    • Lovey

      Actually, the death rates and usage is extremely high in the beige population. If there are some blacks still on this shit get help. My friends and family have not been destroyed by heroin only a fool would try heroin today. All the black lives it took in the 60 and 70’s get a clue. You use heroin you lose, simple.