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One Of The Girls That Was Allegedly There When Kenneka Jenkins Was Raped And Murdered Tried to kill herself Right before the cops busted in!

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Posted by Toma

Added on Sep 12th 2017
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • SteadyKeepinIt1000

    Wow. Oh my god…


  • Mediacanttakeme

    Reality set in

  • Sophisticated Ex Con

    Smh … just tell the fucking truth y’all set that girl up

  • freddyb

    Cop was squeezin on that ass

  • ApricotNapalm

    She gonna be the one to tell everything



  • Sophisticated Ex Con

    Chicago is such an evil place if you don’t think so KYS !!

  • OverLord

    Smh not even a paper cut, she realized it was too much.. what was 3 blades going to do..


    dumb ass lol


    Yea she gonna tell it ALL!

    • YallForgotImHalfWhite

      Can’t wait to hear the truth fam..

  • YallForgotImHalfWhite

    She picked the dullest knife and aimed way too high…lol nice boobs tho!!

  • yahmensah

    get every last one of them involved, dirty ass mafuckers

  • roman

    who tried to kill themselves.. She tried to kill me with that performance.

    • real


  • Linda NaeNae Owens

    Act 1 scene 5 now go all this fakeness gurl bye!


    She a pussy ! Kill your self or get off the video

  • Dave Thomas

    DAMN…….That “BITCH” a “ARMADILLO”!!! Or they “DULL” as “FUCK”!!!

  • natiVapor

    Don’t got the heart, dumb attention seeking rat.
    Shouldve just ran at the officers, would’ve been suicide by cop at least, crying the fuck around over something you help. How did that other girl feel when she was being raped? Probably had alot more pain in her eyes then.

  • Lvl.69_DoomLord

    Dumb ass lil’ BIIIIIIIIIIAAAAAATTTCCHHH!!!!! *Rev X Voice*

  • C4

    bitch was putting on a show wtf…this generation so pathetic

  • Gohardswag!

    So the girl was raped and killed the one from the freezer?

  • Knownofear

    So when did the news come out that she was raped and murdered?

  • Knownofear

    Psychopath…the way her facial expression changes when the notification whistles is telling. Its like she’s looking at the screen for instruction on how to cut herself…or rather just checking to see who’s watching.

  • Bobby Seales

    Bitch stop crying deal with it weak mf take it up with God .Fuck doing Life I would’ve charged at them cops fuck it.What you doing setting up a young lioness to get raped for anyways .

  • Fake azz bitch!

  • MrWonderful03

    So you’re going to use a unrelated ass video, and try to spin this shit? Fake

  • forrealforeal

    If you try and commit suicide and fail then you probobly are the dumbest person on earth like how do you fail at that? Second the title is misleading I haven’t read shit in the news that said she was raped and murdered yet. Not saying that’s not the case but I know you can’t do autopsies and shit within a few days.

  • real

    This isn’t Chicago, look at there uniforms as well as that child doesn’t fit the description of any of those girls that were at that hotel party. Nor have they said that a conclusion was made about her death. Fake news is being spreaded now!

  • USVI- SoJahseh

    Faking and fronting the whole time.

  • Tennessee

    Who fell for this?