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Is This Ok?: And then THIS happened at a “Father/Daughter Dance”!

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Posted by Tado

Added on Nov 14th 2017
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • yurpnova

    this is why my kids going to private school…

    • SexyBrownSuga

      I thought about that too until I found out what some of the private school children were getting into. If I decide to have any my husband and I agreed to home schooling. Now by no means do I think home school will shield them from everything that goes on but at least you can have some control over what they are exposed to while they are young.

  • Newport Bron

    Plot twist – He was not the father.

  • Mediacanttakeme


  • freddyb

    At least he knows his daughters are hoes…..some of you niggas are in denial

  • Marquese Dillinger

    got to grow up at sometime…..

  • lamac44

    no comment:(

  • yahmensah

    she just dancing nobody touched her

    • Lil Darell

      How old are you kid ? Have a child , then come back to this video .

      • yahmensah

        probably old enuff to be your father take off your church hat for a minute, they’re young people just dancing if its to much for you, oh well

        • TheDonMega

          So what our the moraks and values you live by? Not judging, just trying to see where you coming from with this.

          • yahmensah

            it’s simple shes just dancing, now you can be upset with the choice of song, but women are more sexual beings than men thats where their power is at femininity and sexuality, its whats makes a man fight a war for her protection and admiration, so even if you change the song and kept the beat you will find women provocatively moving their bodies to attract men to what they’re doing it all natural and by nature look back on ancient cultures you will find belly dancers who are sexy as all you know what its the same thing, they’re designed to bring the next generation forth

          • TheDonMega

            This is what I’m talking about. Healthy discord between two strangers about a common topic. I completely agree with you. I think I disagree more with the choice of song rather than the girls dancing. No matter what music is played, there is always going to be people upset about how the girls move.

    • Theblackest

      Yeah these cats love judging shit from the outside.

  • Jeebus Crise

    Wait, this is grade school, not college, and even then a dad letting his daughter twerk and buck like a stripper to a song with those explicit lyrics while he plays the role of pimp. What the fuck. How can we expect others to respect our daughters, if we pattern them to be whores? If she does this shit when she is with her homegirls, nothing a dad can say because she is with them. But no way he should condone that shit. Fucked up.

  • Lil Darell

    You bullshitting !

  • mdogg0724

    This father is a PIECE OF SH*T and so is the school that allowed this BS!!!!!!!!!!!! For every black father and mother out here raising their children properly there’s 99 piece of sh*t fathers AND mothers raising nothing but a bunch of degenerates.

    • Theblackest

      How do you know he’s a bad father?…i mean this is some questionable shit but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t take care of his fam.

      • Melissa Puckett

        If this man is stupid enough to do this shit, he is definitely too dumb to do anything else. Probably want to be a rapper or some shit. The problem is we are all paying for this shit to happen. The ratio in America now is 3 to 1. For every 1 logical, hard working person there is now 3 of these irrational, violent, thugs running our streets. These thugs are producing 5 to 1. For every one of our babies we raise, love, and
        care for they are having 5 how are neglected, beat, and unwanted because we pay for them to do so. STOP!!! REFUSE to pay for welfare any longer. If we do nothing now, by the time our children are our age, this country will look and
        feel like a third-world. WAKE UP PEOPLE.

        • Theblackest

          Damn you got some helluva statistics

  • F450DieselDually

    black generation take 10 steps back please lol

  • SexyBrownSuga

    SMH… I’m embarrassed for all involved!!! This is….no….just……no!!!


    Well ok then