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No One Should Receive An L Like This: Ol’ Girl Got Her AZZ Handed To Her!

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Posted by Tado

Added on May 19th 2017
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • NoNameNoGame

    this is sad

    • Jeebus Crise

      Yes, very, all that fighting and not one titty popped out, nor a bit of bootymeat.

      • real

        Oh jeebus… Lmao

  • miguel miguel

    BT 1100 training grounds


    Negroes probably..fighting over some…he say ,she say Bullshit! How bout fighting for some important stuff like fair pay or justice? WE still got a long ways to go my peoples!

    • Theblackest

      Sounds like you got a long way to go

      • Jeebus Crise

        No, sounds like he is enlightened to the real issues we face, and that we truly need to do better. Denial helps no one. Like telling your girl wearing a blonde hair hat lace front, weighs 300 pounds and has on yoga pants she is fly and letting her go out the house like that. Why lie? with 90% of our murders being committed by us, we really need to change our focus to ending this self destruction and pool our resources.
        Negroes, yes, not proud nubian queens. Brawling like they had no concept of what it is to have rational dialog to settle a grievance. Worse part, not one titty popped out, nor a single butt crack. WTF? We have to do better. The best fight videos are when a titty pops out, or a smidgen of booty meat.

        • Theblackest

          Look man…when you sit here on sites like this and all you do is watch fight vids it looks bad…but the reality of the crime numbers and the reason for crime goes way deeper than mentality…if you understand how we truly got here it changes how you see things

          • Jeebus Crise

            Oh I know how we got here. I didn’t get my MSW from being unaware of society at-large, or my own community in specific. Thing is, not all of us “got here”. Not all of us came via the middle passage from Africa. We, blacks, were in the Americas long before Spanish conquistadors, or English settlers. Moorish peoples civilized Europeans, and were here along with Aztecs, Myans, and Incas settling North, South, and central America even before the Vikings.
            Crime numbers themselves are the result of a criminal justice system that keeps some fish, releases others before, or without a conviction to create a picture of crime that is skewed toward making our race look as if we commit more crime.
            We do not, we are just kept in the system, while whites are released without conviction. But, we do not have to play into it by going afoul of the law in the first place. And we have to stop dry snitching by video taping our scraps for the ADA’s office.

          • Theblackest

            Nigga you confused

          • Jeebus Crise

            “Nigga?” That you still refer to that term shows just who is confused. Wait, you took it back from whitey, right? It was never ours. Like a pimp calling his whores, ho, or bitch, in hopes someday they would feel a sense of empowerment from “taking it back” and calling themselves those words, saving himself the trouble of calling them those words with them still taking offense, pure ignorance. Now some of our people did as the kkk and southerners hoped, we convinced them to stop calling us that, but taking the word to heart upon ourselves in the name of empowerment. Fucking idiots, that was always the plan. Well I am no ones nigger, negro, or nigga.
            You are welcome to continue this discourse, or block me if you have to resort to calling me names, that, or I will block you next time to save you from further insulting your own character. I am sure you are above name calling yourself, just allowing yourself to back slide because you are on the web.

          • Theblackest

            You can block whoever you want but remember i didn’t call you a name…i just said “Nigga you confused”. Now if ur that sensitive then maybe we shouldn’t correspond…but if your goal is to enlighten people but yet you can’t relate to them on common terms at least for awhile then your wasting your time.

            Basically what you have become is another hi sa diddy nigga with knowledge but no skills to pass it on…now god bless you brotha and i hope you’re sincere in your words

        • TX_HUSTLA

          Lmfao @ a smidgen 😅😅🖒

          • Jeebus Crise

            I got mad lingo cuh. Smidgen is so woefully under used in black dialog. I am bringing it back.

  • Charlie budz

    They are fighting over coco butter

    • Theblackest


  • Mind ya business

    they say she kicked her so hard at the end it created an EMP wave that deleted the the footage of her phone

  • Jon Jon(Super Fly) on yo Bitch

    Damn she beat that hoe 😂😂

  • TheDonMega

    All she needs to do is come up with a dance or signal and yell “Rocket Knee”!

  • Girlfriend

    The one holding the girl would’ve gotten her ass kicked next–if you’re not gonna help then get the fuck off.