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Nba 2k17 is wrong for this lol: Derrick Rose runs down the court and Tears His ACL!

Submitted by Chill

Added on Sep 13th 2016
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • Compton


  • G-Man78

    As a Bulls fan, this shit too funny!

  • Mr. Showtime

    lol 😂 damn they predicting the future

    • The Box Ain’t Smellin Right

      Nigga no…how ? Wen he already broke it dumbass

      • Mr. Showtime

        – Knicks Fan

        • The Box Ain’t Smellin Right

          FAR FROM IT. Ima clippers fan Nigga

  • KingSirus

    NBA 2k 17 was on point with that. Face it the boy got weak bones. Pour milk on him.

  • JR

    Lmfao. Shit is real as fuck