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Man Loses It When Confronted At Dog Park!

Witnesses say he left a dog at the park for more than a half hour, leaving the nervous animal unattended.

Added on Nov 13th 2017
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • Knowledge Power

    Treat an animal like that with me around, he wouldn’t be breathing for long.

    • SealAssNigga

      Lol ok tough guy

      • simom le

        – animal hating coward

  • m m

    Mind your fucking business! DAMN

  • Bang Bang

    yup in the US if its a dog then they make all that fuss about it

  • ElEsDee

    Lmfao this is the same type of woman who would probably see someone getting abused by a cop and turn her head.. not saying this shit is right cuz people who mistreat animals are scum of the earth but she risked her safety chasing dude down about a dog, she lucky his crazy ass didn’t smack the shit outta her

    • simom le

      Your analysis makes no sense. Why would this women turn the other way if this happened to a human who’s more valuable than a dog? You dont know this woman. Your analysis is baseless

  • yahmensah

    he left the dog for 35min and all this over a dog this country has gone to the dogs for real

  • Tennessee

    White people, MIND YOUR F****N BUSINESS.


    She was dam lucky. This is how peoples get shot on and dead quick. Say your piece and leave the man alone. You follow him to his car? In my hood she would be in the funeral home. Call the authorities and them move the fuck out of the way. Just was not her time.