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Man Livestreams Video Of Him MURDERING His Girlfriend! (*Warning* Very GRAPHIC)

Submitted by CHill

Added on Mar 20th 2017
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • OhItsMellissa

    Well. Coulda done without seeing that. Prayers to her family.

  • Skankhunt42

    Why overkill?

  • Say word

    Whoa my nigga

  • Django2020

    Damn son! Didn’t think it was gonna go down like that. Really bro? Sick sob.

  • superfly1977

    That’s fucked up

  • P Just Ice

    Some countries take cheating very seriously..RIP

    • smoothoperator

      rest in shit

      • P Just Ice


  • C4

    well damn they beat best gore to this one

  • Kev Smith

    Damn that’s fucked up

  • roman

    They use to show videos like these on a regular. Bet u didnt see that coming

  • I ain’t saying nothing!

    Yo at 36yrs old, I never seen anything like this my hand to GOD close up I seen videos I don’t even think. I seen a tv show or move with detail like this for real.

  • Alex Maga

    This is fucked up damn RIP.
    Your more a man to walk away or forgive her, than to do some evil shit like this.


  • No flu shot fella

    Horrible…I hate I had to watch it twice.

  • Jony Cash

    Dam and she look good too

  • Sophisticated Ex Con

    I’m guessing this is Brazil 💀

  • Kapon

    Facebook is cencoring conseratives while letting this type of shit on their website. WTF is wrong with you stupid liberals.

    • Jeebus Crise

      You watched this as well as anyone else. Maybe you should report this as would some liberal that found it offensive. You misspelled censoring, and conservative and had never to call anyone stupid. Your stupidity was so profound it defeated your spell check. You are truly an idiot.

  • Jeebus Crise

    And if she lived, you know she forgave him, made an excuse for him, and still calls him Bae.

    • bubbylana

      She’s definitely not here anymore


    This is definitely some 3rd world country like Brazil, Cuba, Dominica or Haiti, They murder people everyday. And if you throw around a few hundred dollars to the police? The case is closed quickly without anybody going to jail. Sad..but true!l