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Man Just Witnessed Employees From The University of Maryland Medical Center In Baltimore Discharge A Patient Out In The Cold On The City’s Bus Stop!

Posted by Tado

Added on Jan 11th 2018
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • Mr. Stylistic

    Smh … Damn

  • The12deel

    I applaud this man for his compassion

  • Content Rated Bull-Shit

    This is really fucked up

  • Knowledge Power

    It is all because this monetary system. The only change we are going to see, its gonna get a lot worse before it can get better. No one is gonna want to take responsibility for fucked up people, because we got to many already. Welcome to the best country in the world.

  • Doobrownboy

    This breaks my heart. There is clearly a problem with this woman. Karma karma karma.


    The rich stay rich and the Po stay Po. Thats the way the story goes..Everybody Knows!!!!!!

  • roman

    Yo why is the camera always fucked up. Pan that shit on them muthafckas

  • She clearly has a mental illness and this should not warrant this type of treatment. This is the time of humility and compassion. If you don’t have it, the world is not going to have you. Like someone said. Karma is catching up and she is not playing any games. Thank you to this young man for helping her and guide her.