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Man Gets Beat & Robbed By 3 Men In An Elevator!

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Posted by Chill

Added on Jul 16th 2017
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • Anthony Lewis

    Petty azz dudes… ya’ll gotta split 3 ways. 1 got $40, the other a phone and the 3rd guy a pack of cigarettes

    • PlayCrazyB#t#h

      And they share his lighter. I never understood niggas robbing other broke niggas when there’s banks and rich people out there.. I’m not condoning robbery, just sayn

  • KingSirus

    There are cockroaches that walk upright.

  • DjSpankademiks

    Damn pressed him like a fake nail, love how the skinny dude was like nope after seeing what they were up to.


      Lol,he put it in reverse and got tf outta there quick


    Thats COLD!! Wolfpackin a MF. Now y’all know why when white folk see more than 2 or more bros with caps and baggy pants in an elevator, they just wait for the next MF elevator! Right or wrong..they smart!!!