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Man flips car at 95 MPH and fights Officer with baby in arms on Live TV!

Columbia, South Carolina (WLTX) — A Richland County father is going to be facing multiple charges after leading deputies on a high speed chase, crashing his car, and then proceeded to get out holding a small child.

The events were captured on the A&E TV Show “Live PD,” which chronicles, in part, the activities of officers in the field with the Richland County Sheriff’s Department. Lots of people are talking about it online, we want to let you know we did reach out to deputies and this is what we know so far about the incident.

Deputies say it started as a call for a fight at a house party on Pelican Road. When deputies arrived, they saw a vehicle leave the home at a high rate of speed.

They say a chase started down Monticello Road when the suspect turned onto North Main and Elmore. That’s where they say the suspect flipped the car, got out while holding a small child in his arms.

Added on Jul 10th 2017
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • real

    The police do too much its like a war the way they treat blacks even if he did something wrong, that’s when detective work come in. You wasn’t called out for a vehicle you were called out for a fight at a house party. They could’ve identified the vehicle later on..SmH! So what was he guilty of.

    • P Just Ice

      Guilty of coonery!! That piece of shit!!

    • MR M.O.M

      If he wasn’t guilty of anything, he should’ve just pulled over. He must’ve had dope on him or something because he went in his pocket when he was on the ground wrestling the deputy and look like he swallowed something. Only people that are up to no good run.

  • Bold and Brash

    Father of the year right there.

    • P Just Ice

      Coon of the fucking year smfh!!