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Man caught a girl going though his truck in the middle of the night! (She was so scared that she literally p*ssed herself)

I caught a girl going through my truck at 3am. I made a citizens arrest and when the police showed up she told them she had nowhere to sleep even though it was about 75 degrees out. Submitted by Toma

Added on Mar 17th 2017
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • P Just Ice

    Shout out to everybody who watched this video and thought they had to cut the volume up on their phone AND was wondering where’s the evidence that she pissed herself..

    • Kev Smith


  • James

    Cave bitch on that meth

  • Lil Darell

    Gotta get that meth somehow or another.

  • The hill has eyes

    This fake why the fuck you got a camera in your truck like that and the bitch have on a wedding ring not saying married people don’t steal but

  • Le Roy Waring

    Question: What the fuck does having nowhere to sleep have to do with it being 75 degrees out?

    • forrealforeal

      Because it’s so hot out that she could’ve slept at a park on the grass or something. Now if it was raining her excuse would make more sense

  • Booty Doo Gang #squad

    lame ass video