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Man asks woman to get dressed in Woman’s dressing room…Her reaction and facial expression are priceless!

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Posted by Toma

Added on Oct 11th 2017
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • freddyb

    No homo but that was funny

    • Leanin’likeaKickstand

      Sorry bruh this was a homo test and if you laughed you failed

      • freddyb

        Lol…Gtfoh nigga I’m comfortable enough with my manhood to find humor in anything

  • Knowledge Power

    If this lady were a white person, this would be all over the media now, that person would be fired, and marked for life.

    • Lil Darell

      I see you’re back to being a bitch .

      • Knowledge Power

        why? cause the truth hurts

        • Lil Darell

          When whites start to acknowledge the suffering they’ve inflicted on every race they’ve encountered you’ll begin to understand truth . Your narrative only fits the lies you’ve told .

          • Knowledge Power

            Your race has done the same. This is the problem, “the majority” ignore, or are to ignorant to admit they know nothing about history. Look
            up a man named Anthony Johnson and you will see that he was a free black man in
            America who owned black slaves. Johnson was the first American to even go to
            court and have his slave documented. Large numbers of free blacks owned some of
            the biggest plantations in America, which were operated by black slaves that
            they owned. Did I mention that only 1.4% of all Americans owned slaves? Not one
            of these facts is mentioned when our children learn about slavery because they
            want to teach hate. When you get down to it, slavery happened all over the
            world, to all races. Take a look at the 16th -18th century, it is estimated
            that 1.5 million Christian Europeans were enslaved in the
            Barbary Slave Trade. The problem is these elites have brainwashed us into focusing on each other instead of the true enemy. Imagine a world with no monetary system….It is the root of all the evils in this world.

  • real

    This america ain’t no choice! Lol



  • Mel Lennon

    Those days are over. (I dont hold open doors for women)