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Local news anchor destroys “DeflateGate” and sounds off about the problem in American sports!

News Anchor Destroys Patriots DeflateGate.

Added on Jan 25th 2015
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • mjttanner



    Well said my boy well said

  • THE D D-boy

    How the fuck does a deflated ball NOT give you advantage catching it and gripping it they cheated point blank period n I’m not even a nfl fan but I’ve played enough to know that the more air the more bounce and bigger the ball is

    • UthoughtIT IsaidIT

      Tru my question is how did the refs not notice . About 2-3 refs touch the ball after every play to spot it 4 the next play. Either way tho inflated or not it had nothing 2 do with the colts only scoring 7 and luck throw for under 130 yards…Im not a pats fan