LMFAO LOL!!! After Seeing These Photo’s, Trinidad James Should Never Sag In His Jeans Again

Trinidad James

Rapper Trinidad James, known for his smash hit, “All Gold Everything”, apparently had to take a dump before a show and did a poor job of cleaning up. The rapper was in such a hurry to hit the stage for a recent performance that he forgot to wipe his unmentionable…the evidence shows on his Fruit of the Looms lmao.

These photos from the concert show a closeup of tread marks on the seat of James’s underwear. Despite this photographic evidence of his poor hygiene, I bet James had no problem getting groupies to follow him back to his hotel room after the show. We will call him SKID MARK JAMES!!!

Trinidad James Skid Marks

Trinidad James Skid Marks

Added Mar 22nd 2013
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